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Pastor Milton and Patricia Koonce founded Family Christian Academy in 1968 in Channelview, Texas, located near the site where General Santa Anna was captured during the Battle of San Jacinto. The school, then named Truth Tabernacle Christian School, began with a kindergarten class of 16 students. With this handful of students, the Koonces took on the responsibilities of principal, teacher, janitor, and church pastors all at the same time. They even used old doors for desk tops for students to read and write on. During these early days, Mrs. Koonce would call every family in the small Channelview phone directory to let them know about the school. She would spend time drawing maps and giving directions to parents who were trying to enroll their children.

The original facility was outgrown, and in 1983, the school was relocated to 15000 Woodforest Boulevard. A building program was undertaken to include a two-story classroom/gymnasium. Additionally, Nathan Hyman was employed and served as Administrator and Principal for 18 years. He now serves as senior pastor of Family Church (formally known as Channelview Christian Center).

With the school and church continuing to grow, a new building program was launched at Beltway 8 and Woodford Drive in 1992 and a gentleman named Robert Anderson was hired as the High School Principal. Just four weeks after the new building was opened to the public in October 1992, a powerful tornado destroyed the whole building, and damaged the Woodforest facility as well. This created a difficult setback having to move all students to the smaller facility. Through faith and a determined spirit not to let the vision die, the Channelview Christian Center building was rebuilt larger and better than before.

In 2001, the elementary campus merged with the high school and now both reside at the Beltway 8 location. Additionally, in the summer of 2001, Robert Anderson was promoted to School Administrator. Mr. Anderson served in this position until 2013.

The school also went through a name change in 2003, going from being called Channelview Christian School to being called Family Christian Academy. This new school name was implemented to better reflect its ties to Family Church and one of its main goals of serving families throughout the community.

Today, Nathan Hyman serves as the Administrator of FCA. The school/ministry serves approximately 300 students with a staff of over 30 members.

And the vision continues . . . . . . .