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Student Life

FCA Bike-A-Thon

K4 through 5th grade will begin around 8:30am and will end by 10:30am.  Then at 10:45am we will have Middle School and High School begin and walk through 12:30pm. Parents, you are invited to walk with your child(ren) and the course will be inside so as not having to worry about the weather.


FCA strives to have a family atmosphere that is to go beyond simply attending required classes.  Our hallways are made up of students, faculty and staff who are passionate about living and finding their purpose in life through Christ.  We are a multi-cultural campus that is a reflection of the community.  We count it as an honor to have served the North Channel Area for 50 years!

Our Mission for Our Campus is simply “To Touch the Nations, Through Our Students Who Have Been Fully Equipped To Do So”.


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