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The curriculum of Family Christian Academy continues to meet the demands of our growing community and the particular needs/interests of the generations that will become our future leaders. FCA does this in the context of a purposed lived Christian Environment.

Kindergarten - K5
The program for the FCA Kindergarten student includes a foundation and readiness in core subjects of Reading and Math. ABEKA Book is the primary Christian Curriculum utilized in this grade. This nationally recognized Christian Curriculum includes Bible memory verses and Bible stories. It will also assist in social development, coordination skills, and proper work habits. This prepares the student for building a strong and positive foundation for future learning experiences. Enrichment classes are also offered for these students and include computer and guitar.

Grades 1- 5
These self-contained classes lend themselves to focusing on achieving a standard of excellence in the student’s learning experience. Core subjects of Reading, Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and Bible are taught by our Christian faculty members. All curriculum used is from a Christian perspective and ensures that a Biblical World View is laid at the core of each subject. In reading, much effort is put into word study skills, phonetic patterns, vocabulary expansion and oral reading. Language Arts emphasizes writing skills and improvement techniques. FCA’s Mathematics program uses ABEKA curriculum traditional instruction but also uses manipulative as an additional tactile and visual base to enhance learning. Social Studies is based on the State required syllabus with a Christian perspective. Both the physical and life science give the students knowledge of God’s World and a keen appreciation of His power, order and beauty. Enrichment classes are also offered for these students and include computer and guitar.