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After School Program

Family Extended Care
….A service provided to our families

FCA Day Care is a service provided for those families who need some additional support in watching their children. As a service to those families who enroll their child in FCA Daycare, they will have the benefit of being able to drop their child(ren) off in the morning as early as 6:30AM at no extra charge! The cost for FCA Day Care is a flat rate regardless of the number of hours or days used and there are several plans below to choose from:

GRADES                                                          HOURS                                COST BREAKDOWN WEEKLY

K-3 & K-4 ½ Day                                       12:00 – 6:00 PM                                               $75

K-4 & K5                                                      2:45 – 6:00 PM                                               $70

1st thru Jr. High                                           3:15 – 6:00 PM                                               $65

Before School Supervision Only                  6:30 – 8:00 AM                                             $45 Elm Rate

Supervision (or arrival) before
7:30 AM is considered daycare

Need 30 minutes in the                                                                                                      $8 per 30 min.
afternoon? We can help. (4-day
minimum). No Drop-ins unless
approved by FCA Admin.

• There is a $20 enrollment fee per New Student. All payments are made via Renweb Accounting Services or thru School Accounting. Payment must be made in advance of services rendered (biweekly) and there is a penalty of $30 for INSUFFICIENT FUNDS. Please be aware you will be charged for daycare services the following week.

• Late fees will be at a rate of $5.00 the first 5 minutes after 6:00PM and $1.00 for every additional minute after 6:05PM until your child is picked up.

• Students that are dropped off before 7:30AM will be charged $8.00 automatically to their account.

• A $30.00 holding fee will be charged for weeks not attended and includes holiday weeks.

FCA will be closed on the following days: Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & Day After, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, MLK Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, and Fourth of July.

All rates are final, No exceptions.

If you would like to enroll your child(ren) in Family Extended Care, click here to complete and submit the online Enrollment Form.